Friday, April 12, 2013

Moving again and the latest happenings

All aboard the potty train!  Jacob was very reluctant to start potty training.  I tried several times but it never worked out, because he would not wear the underwear.  After his 3rd birthday, I had had enough of diapers with him!  So I decided that I needed a different approach--I needed major incentives.  I found this book at the bookstore, and Jacob was totally into it.  So I started our potty training and it was all about trains. 

He got prizes for everything.  And to get him to wear underwear, I put them on over his diaper one day without him seeing them.  About an hour later, I showed him that he was wearing underwear.  He was surprised, but was ok with it!  The next time he went to the bathroom, I just put those on without the diaper, and he was ok with that too!  Now he was really ready.  And he did great.  I think during the whole week he only had three accidents, and after two weeks he was consistently staying dry through the night!  To reward him for being completely potty trained, we took him to ride the Tilden steam train.  He loved it.   

He is such a big boy:)

On Easter weekend, I flew to SLC to see one of my best friends get married (and it was a gorgeous wedding and a fun girls weekend!).  I flew back on Sunday morning, and when I got home Kevin had the boys in their matching church clothes.  It was adorable.  But the best thing ever was when Hudson saw me, he ran to me with open arms and gave me a huge hug!  I will hold onto that memory forever:)  We tried to get a few family pics, but this was the best we could get.  

My little Huddy:)  He loves to snuggle with that little bear and read books together:)

And now for our huge news......we bought a house!  After looking in Walnut Creek for a year with not much luck, we decided to expand our search to Roseville.  Its in the Sacramento area, and it is much more affordable than the bay area.  Probably not as awesome though.  Kevin's company was ok with him working from an office there, so we started looking at homes.  The second house we saw was so perfect for us.  We decide to put an offer on it, because it was just too good to pass up.  And, we got it!  I'm still a little in shock that we are homeowners now.  It felt so nice writing that last huge rent check though.  But I am actually kinda sad about it too.  I have been so happy here in Walnut Creek, and have made some amazing friends.  Jacob has such a good group of little friends too.  We are really going to miss them.  But, moving to Roseville just feels right.  I think I will be happy there too, it will just take time to make friends.  Hopefully this will be our last move!! 

One of the rooms in the home is decorated as a princess room.  We want to keep it like that in case we have a girls someday.  The problem is that Jacob is in love with this room and really wants it to be his.  Now, I am ok with Jacob playing with girls toys, and most of his friends are girls.  But I have to draw the line at letting him have a princess room!  I'm trying to get him excited about decorating his own room with trains and stuff, but he is not interested.  He just wants that princess room.  I hope when we finally decorate his room he will want it.  We move in next Saturday so we will see! 

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