Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Fun

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Jacob, and then I realized I hadn't posted Hudson's b-day party yet.  So here it is.....

Grandma and Grandpa Hirst, along with Aunt Tara came over for a special birthday dinner--Lasagna, Hudson's favorite!  This kid really loves lasagna, and can eat a ton of it. 

First we opened presents.  This part was kind of hard for Jacob.  He thought everything should be for him. 

Then we had dinner.  Just look at that excited face!  I told you he loves lasagna:)

Time for cake!  I chose a penguin theme, since he really loves this book called "Your Personal Penguin" by Sandra Boynton.  He gets so excited when we read it.

Hudson is no stranger to the sweet stuff, unlike Jacob when he turned one.  I tried not to give Jacob anything sweet until he turned one, but it was a little harder to do that with Hudson.  

He gobbled it right up!

Can't believe my little baby is one.  He is a little stinker, but so funny too!  He does a cute little booty shake when he hears music, and is really attached to his little bear stuffed animal.  he loves to snuggle with it.  He is also very obsessed with cars.  He will push a dump truck around the kitchen and living room all afternoon!  We love you little Huddy Bud:)

And now onto my big boy.....

As you probably could guess the theme was trains again for Jacob.  He was just as obsessed with them last year as he is now.  

I found a ton of free printables for train parties on Pinterest.  All I had to do was print and tape!

Jacob really wanted to have his cousins over for his party.  Unfortunately most of them were sick that day, but Aunt Tara came and Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Dianne with their kids, and Jacob had a blast playing with them!

Of course Kevin had to pull out the helicopter....I love how Hudson's eyes are glued to it.

Cake time!  He loved his cake.  It actually didn't take that long to make either.  I enjoy making fun birthday cakes.

Time for presents!  He got money, skittles, a Clifford book and plush, and subway trains!  He was one happy boy.

My boy is getting so big.  He is so social and loves to be around people, and is definitely not shy!  He will go up to anyone and start chatting with them.  He says the funniest things to us and unfortunately already loves potty humor.  But I should have expected that:) He is also such a snuggle bug, and I love that he still loves to snuggle and "get cozy".  He loves cats (or rather the idea of a cat) and is still totally obsessed with trains.  He keeps me on my toes but overall is a very good boy.  We love you buddy!

They are growing up too fast.

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  1. You made such cute cakes!

    Wow, 1 and 3 years old. They are such cute boys.