Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our new place

I have been meaning to post some pictures of our new place, but am just now getting around to it.  We really love it here and so do the boys.  Our ward is really friendly and has tons of kids, and we also have really great neighbors.  There are a lot of fun things to do around here too, so we have been staying busy.  I am still missing my Walnut Creek friends a lot though, but I am hoping to be able to drive down there for some visits this summer.  My friend Jill drove up here with her girls a few weeks ago and it was so fun to see them, I really needed that.  

Here are some pics of the place so far.  Before we moved in I was worried that Jacob would be upset about not getting the princess room (he really wanted it when we first looked at the house).  But we made him a fun train room, and he didn't have any problem.  He was excited about his train room.  It is mostly finished, there are just a few more pics I want to hang up in there.  It gets a ton of light, so the first week we lived here he was waking up at 5:30 in the morning!  We were not ok with that, so we put up some blackout curtains and shades.

This is the upstairs playroom.  Right now it is just a huge open space with toys shoved all along the walls, but I have big plans for this room.  I will post pics when I get done with it:)  

Hudson's room.  Pretty much the same way I had it in Walnut Creek.

The master.  I haven't really thought about how I am going to set up this room yet, but I did put up a few pictures so far.   The "office" area of the room is just a big mess right now.  We haven't fully unpacked everything yet because we are getting new carpet soon and will have to move it all anyways. 

The kitchen, which I absolutely love:)  Down the road I would love to put up white cupboards with a gray granite, but that will be a long ways away.

Our backyard.  It has been so fun having a backyard.  We have big plans for this area too, but they will have to wait a bit also.  For now it is very fun and we even have a little vegetable garden growing on the different levels.  The gazebo is a fun place too.  We sometimes eat lunch there or have otter pops when we get back from the park:)

The dining room/living room.  Its probably going to be empty like this for a few years, but it is a great room for the boys to run in and to do exercises in.  We are replacing the carpet with wood flooring, because, its a dining room and we have two kids.  

The downstairs bedroom.  Right now it serves as a preschool/playroom (you can see the teacher in me got a little carried away..). 

Family room.  Still a work in progress but cozy for now:)

We absolutely love it here and are so grateful to be in such a nice place in a great neighborhood.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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