Monday, August 6, 2012

The dreaded swim class

Last month we decided to put Jacob in a swim class at the local rec center.  I figured he would like it, because he likes going in the pool in our complex.  And I wanted him to start learning how to actually swim.  But it turned out to be an incredibly stressful two weeks!  First off, we had to do an evening class so Kevin could be there to watch Hudson (one parent had to be in the water).  And it was everyday, Mon-Thurs.  So it was hard getting the kids fed and ready for swim class every day.  Doesn't sound like much, but it was a lot of work!  Then we would get there, and he would happily get in the pool.  But then the teacher would give us instructions, such as "put them on their backs" or "scoop your arms and kick your legs".  Well, Jacob hating being on his back and that would set him off crying through most of the lesson.  And the water was a little cold, so that probably didn't help him.  It was torture for all of us.  We even started bribing him with candy if he would go through a whole 20 min lesson without crying.  It kinda worked.  One of the days we had to leave 10 min into the lesson because he just wouldn't calm down.  I am so happy these lessons are over!  In the end he did learn some new skills and Kevin and I learned how to continue teaching him on our own, so it wasn't a complete loss.  And he was happy ocassionally, and we managed to get a few picks of that  

Hudson was a gem and sat quietly the entire time:)

We also got to go fruit picking a few weeks ago in Brentwood.  Jacob thought this was so much fun, especially picking the strawberries.

Once Kevin said to Jacob "Aye aye aye, no me gusta!" and now Jacob repeats it all the time.  It is hilarious because he even says it in the right context.  This kid is a sponge and remembers everything.  

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  1. Ah, aren't kids so funny?! I remember that Avry hated swim lessons too. She liked to swim but just didn't like to be forced to swim or something.