Friday, July 20, 2012

Every little boy's dream

Actually, I should title this "every guys dream", because Kevin thought it was so cool too.......

A couple weekends ago, we visited Tilden Park in Berkeley.  There is a little farm there where you can feed the animals, but the main reason we went is for the steam train.  But I'll get to that in a sec.

Jacob has always been a little timid with cows (while visiting Kevin's brother and his wife, Jacob would take off anytime he heard a "mooo" from thier cow), so I was happy that he was willing to feed this one celery.  His expression is awesome. 

He looks like an old-fashioned soldier in this picture to me.

On to the main attraction...the steam train.  This thing was awesome.  It is a real working miniature steam train that takes you on a little ride through the mountains.  At one point we had an amazing view of San Francisco too.  Jacob was in heaven (and I think Kevin was too).  I also kept thinking how much my dad would get a kick out of this:)  
don't worry, this track wasn't in use

Enjoying the scenic ride.  

The steam train.  

Two happy boys.

4th of July

Our fourth was pretty fun this year.  We started off with a parade in Pleasant Hill.

Then we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield to go on a factory tour.  It was really interesting to see how the jelly beans are made.  Jacob is obsessed with jelly beans so this was awesome for him.

We weren't paying attention very well, so Jacob ended up eating this entire bag of jelly beans.  They give you tons of free ones and he also got some from a little vending machine.  It's funny how kids can eat sugar and become instantly hyper.

After the factory we headed to Kevin's parents house in Elk Grove and spent time with the fam.  Jacob really likes fireworks.  He loved the sparklers, and whenever the fireworks would be going he would say "can I touch it?"

Oh, Jacob can say the pledge of allegiance and it is so stinking cute.  Proud to be an American!

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